fiole.py is a WSGI micro-framework with the following development constraints:

  • Single file, no external dependency
  • Provide enough features to build a web application with minimal effort
  • Embed a compact template engine
  • Keep the module reasonably small

Main features:

Disclaimer: this framework is intentionally limited. If you need a robust and scalable solution, look elsewhere.

Link to the PyPI page: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/fiole

Tested against: Python 2.7, PyPy 2.2 and Python >= 3.2


Either download the single file fiole.py and save it in your project directory, or pip install fiole, preferably in a virtualenv.

Create an application and save it with name hello.py:

from fiole import get, run_fiole

def index(request):
    return 'Hello World!'


Then run this example (default port 8080) with:

python hello.py

or (on port 4000 for example):

python fiole.py -p 4000 hello
# (or)
python -m fiole -p 4000 hello

Next steps

Clone the examples and run the demo:

git clone git://github.com/florentx/fiole.git
cd fiole/
python fiole.py examples

Open your browser and navigate through the examples:

Read the documentation about Routing requests and Build templates.

Some features are not yet covered in the documentation:

  • sending and receiving cookies
  • adding custom HTTP headers
  • stacking multiple applications
  • serving through a third-party WSGI server (gevent, ...)

Look at the Fiole API for some crispy details.

Read the documentation of Flask and Bottle for more information about web development in general.

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